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We will provide nourishment for the body and soul. At the Wellbeing Café, we will do our best to provide quality service, products, and an environment that encourages and excites our guests to take care of 
their spiritual life as much as they desire to take care of their physical life. 



“Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good Health and that all may go well with you even as your soul is getting along well.” This verse is a core part of our mission; we strive to help our guests enjoy good 
health even as we encourage them to take care of their soul. True wellness is both body and spirit."

3 John 2


This abbreviation comes from ancient Latin, as a common salutation in letter writing and as a personal greeting. “Si vales, bene est; ego valeo” – “If you are well, it is good; I am well.” This saying is a key part of the idea and mission of The Well Being Café. We will encourage an environment of total wellness, through concern for the wellness of others.



The Wellbeing Café is located inside The Well in Hillsdale, MI.  We serve smoothies, coffee, real ingredients, and more. Let us nurture your body and soul!

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